Bicycle Tour Locations

Bike tours available in North America, Europe, South America and Asia.

In Alphabetical Order by state or country:

North America:

Florida — Gulf Beaches & Rail Trails 6-Day – Escape chilly temperatures in spring or fall and cycle flat, protected rail trails–plus scenic riding on the barrier islands and beaches along the serene waters of Florida’s gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. Relish these carefully designed cycling routes in Pinellas and Sarasota counties. You stay ALL five nights right on the beach, allowing for morning and evening strolls during the ideal conditions in late fall or early spring. … Read more >

Florida Keys 6-Day – It’s the middle of next winter (remember winter?!), and you are basking in the bright sunny warmth and exquisite beauty of the Florida Keys, a string of spectacularly beautiful islands connected by a series of causeways and bridges that ultimately take you to exciting Key West, the southernmost (and warmest!) point in the entire continental U.S. … Read more >

Gettysburg to Washington, D.C. 6-Day – This popular tour features six days of sensational biking through the beautiful Amish country of Pennsylvania and Maryland, followed by leisurely days riding through West Virginia and Virginia along the peaceful C & O Canal towpath that parallels the Potomac River into the outskirts of Washington, D.C. … Read more >

Idaho Trails 6-Day – Don’t miss some of the best and most spectacular rails-to-trails riding in the country. On this trip, you’ll cycle along four well-known trails in three states (Washington, Idaho, and Montana). This is an ideal trip for those who enjoy no- to low-traffic trail riding on flat asphalt and packed gravel surfaces … Read more >

Maine 6-DayWe have added three nights at the prestigious Bar Harbor Inn and include their premium rooms, each with a private balcony overlooking Frenchman’s Bay.  Read more >

Maryland’s Eastern Shore 6-Day and Weekend – Visit historic Tidewater villages, celebrate spring or savor the fall with easy coastal riding on quiet roads. Indulge in local cuisine including clams, oysters and the best crab cakes in the world, or treat yourself to elegant accommodations in a country estate. Enjoy spectacular coastal cycling along the Chesapeake Bay… Read more >

Massachusetts — Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard 6-Day – This tour has everything! On the Cape we follow beach roads and a beautiful bike path as we weave our way past salt marshes, cranberry bogs, wooded bird sanctuaries, barrier beaches and tidal flats filled with egrets, geese and ducks… Read more >

Mississippi — Natchez Trace 6-Day – Our Natchez Trace tour is a perfect early or late-season (April or October) biking destination on quiet roads — with added bonuses for history buffs. Enjoy famous southern hospitality, trees festooned with Spanish moss, and views of the mighty Mississippi River … Read more >

Missouri — Katy Trail 7-Day – The Katy Trail stretches for 237 miles across the most picturesque landscapes of Missouri. Built on the former railroad corridor of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) Railroad, the Katy Trail is the longest of the rails-to-trails routes. The trail derives its name from the MKT, which was widely known as the “KATY,” from its … Read more >

New York — Hudson River Valley 6-Day  – Come enjoy our new extended tour in the Hudson River Valley, recently named as one of the top twenty must-see destinations in the world by National Geographic Traveler ... Read more >

Oregon — Crater Lake & Scenic Bikeways 6-Day  – Cycling through Central Oregon is often described as riding through a postcard. This tour takes you on a continuous path through a variety of appealing postcards and finishes with a bucket-list ride around Crater Lake ... Read more >

Pennsylvania — Great Allegheny Passage Rail Trail 6-Day – The GAP trail has become one of the most popular rail trails now that it fully connects the route from Pittsburgh PA to Cumberland MD, where a connection to the C&O Canal Trail enables a ride all the way to Washington, D.C. The wide gravel trail follows a railroad grade … Read more >

Quebec 6-Day – This tour takes us through the beautiful French-speaking Eastern Townships of Quebec, and treats us to gorgeous vistas, pretty villages, spectacular easy-to-intermediate biking and excellent inns … Read more >

South Dakota — Mickelson Trail & Black Hills 6-Day – The ride from Badlands National Park, through the Black Hills, along the Mickelson Trail and up to Devils Tower will take you through a diverse and unique landscape that is rich in both Native American culture and iconic North American wildlife … Read more >

Texas Hill Country 6-Day – This NEW tour of the Hill Country of Texas is a fantastic late fall and early spring biking destination with scenic roads, great food and high-quality inns… Read more >

Vermont 6-Day, 4-Day and Weekend – Many tour experiences are available in beautiful Vermont. Bike through the spectacular scenery of Lake Champlain, tour the Northeast Kingdom or travel riverside in Woodstock Vermont… Read more >

Europe, South America & Asia:

Chile’s Lakes & Volcanoes 8-Day –Discover some of the most outstanding cycling in South America in the gorgeous Lake and Volcano District of southern Chile. You’ll enjoy the high-quality roads, sparkling lakes and idyllic meadows — with the dramatic backdrop of snow-covered volcanic peaks …Read more >

Denmark 8-Day – Denmark gets it right! This is the most welcoming and bicycle-friendly country in the world. It is a biking mecca, where bikes outnumber cars and the people are universally considered the happiest, most content people on earth! Join us as we introduce you to the charms of Denmark…Read more >

England – Cotswolds & Stonehenge 6-Day – Join us for an outstanding tour of the beautiful Cotswolds region of England. This gorgeous area west of London is known for its historic villages built of golden stone, and picturesque hills and valleys … Read more >

England – Devon & Cornwall 6-Day – Enjoy some of the most appealing quiet cycling in England on our Devon & Cornwall tour. Cycle protected rail trails around the stunning Dartmoor National Park in Devon, and then visit the idyllic villages and wild coastlines of the north and south coast of Cornwall … Read more >

France – Provence 11-Day – Experience an epic eleven day tour through the very best of Provence, that southeastern part of France that extends from the left bank of the lower Rhône River, southerly to the glistening Mediterranean Sea, and easterly to the beautiful area known as the Luberon… Read more >

Germany/Luxembourg/France Moselle River Bike & Barge 8-Day – If you’ve never done a bike and barge tour, you’re in for a treat. Join us for this amazing adventure, with the ease of a cruise combined with a bike tour — so you can truly explore the countryside and all its treasures! Unpack your suitcase once …. Read more >

Ireland — County Clare & Connemara 7-Day – “Ireland, especially the rural West, is a cyclist’s dream.” So says Bicycling magazine, and you will surely agree. There’s an endless network of winding back roads where lazy sheep are often your only company… Read more >

Ireland — Westport & Hiking Options 7-Day – You now have two choices for Ireland itineraries. This new tour showcases beautiful Connemara — just like our classic tour — but it includes bonus biking in the lovely Westport region and on the Great Western Greenway. This Westport tour also gives you more options for hiking, including a hike up the iconic Croagh Patrick … Read more >

Italy – Dolomites to Venice 10-Day –Gentle bike paths lead us through the spectacular Dolomites then down past lovely terraced vineyards, and through classic medieval towns and villages before reaching our ultimate destination, Venice and the Adriatic Sea. Our route … Read more >

Italy – Puglia 8-Day – This tour explores Puglia, a spectacular region in the south of Italy. Here the Ionian and Adriatic seas give us warm weather, blue-green crystal clear waters, and endless white sand beaches, while inland, our easy cycling takes us past vast groves of gnarled olive trees, green pastures with sheep and goats, yellow fields of wheat, and Italy’s largest and most beautiful vineyards… Read more >

Italy – Tuscany 8-Day – This tour captures the essence of the Italian experience including visits to Siena, Montalcino, Pienza, Montepulciano and Bagno Vignoni. We have selected absolutely stunning accommodations and include superb meals, wine tastings, and a personalized walking tour of Siena… Read more >

Portugal — Beaches, Castles & History 10-Day – You ride a beautiful route from Évora to the coast and through several spectacular coastal parks — including Vicentine Coast Natural Park, which extends along the Atlantic Ocean. The landscape here is one of the most well-preserved in Europe and hosts a wide variety of seaside habitats, lovely beaches … Read more >

Scotland – Highlands to Islands 7-Day – “Where the Highlands meet the Lowlands, and they both meet the sea.” That’s where we go on our cycling tour of Scotland, immersed in some of the grandest scenery in the British Isles and treated to the essence of all things Scottish: romantic castles guarding their domain; luxurious palace homes of dukes and barons… Read more >

Spain — el Camino de Santiago 11-Day – The road from the French border across the top of northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela was one of the three major Christian pilgrimage routes during the Middle Ages, all leading to the resting place of the Apostle St. James … Read more >

Spain — Catalonia Trails 9-Day – Catalonia is a beautiful and historic region of northeastern Spain. There, you can visit some of Spain’s most iconic cities and learn about some of its famous characters. Catalonia has a blend of language and culture you won’t find anywhere else …  Read more >

Vietnam Adventure 12-Day – This is your bucket list trip to explore some of the most famous and spectacular scenery in Southeast Asia. Cycle in the Hanoi region, including a special cyclo tour of the Old Quarter of Hanoi. Explore farming areas and fishing villages. Relax as you’re … Read more >