Bike Tour Leaders

It is no secret that one of the keys to having a great bicycling vacation is to have wonderful tour leaders and helpful, friendly people running the office. And that is what we have. The very best. Our guests have told us this time and time again, so it must be true!

Our leaders range in age from mid 20s to late 60s and come from varied backgrounds – college professors, a masseuse, a lawyer, a professional cook, a couple of ski instructors, a psychologist, a cardiologist, an engineer, teachers, a physical therapist, a web designer, and a business consultant.

Here are just a few of our fantastic tour leaders!

What makes these people so special? As a matter of course, our leaders are fully skilled in bike repair and maintenance and know how to guide you faultlessly through the rural countryside of our region. But it takes more than technical savvy and a sense of direction. They are mature, enthusiastic helpers, eager to assist when needed and always on the lookout for special ways to make your bicycling vacation more relaxing, interesting, and enjoyable. And they do this exceedingly well.

Our tour leaders and office staff love what they do, love people, and love all of the special places we tour — and that makes all the difference.

“The tour leaders were welcoming, knowledgeable, organized and engaging hosts with great people skills They were very helpful and caring to our group, myself, and my bike !” ~ Deb Ford

“Your tour leaders are the best! Prepared, professional, and total fun!” ~ Cal Podrid